Bringing the Kids to Costa Rica

Children to Costa Rica

Our family returned from another incredible vacation week. If you’re planning a family adventure Costa Rica can be forgotten as a destination location. We love the country and bringing the children makes it that much more enjoyable.

Costa Rica is relatively inexpensive, especially if compared to Hawaii or Cabo, its ‘centrally’ located so flights from anywhere in the US are less than six hours, you’re on the beach less than 2 hours after landing in San Jose, and its an incredible country to bring kids of all ages.

Bringing the Kids to Costa Rica

We primarily stay in or near the town of Playa Hermosa, 5 minutes south of the more popular town of Jaco, is where we often stay. All the condo’s are virtually on the water and your close enough to be near all that Jaco offers without the relative crowds.

There are plenty of great family tours all located within an hour drive or less from Playa Hermosa. We will detail each tour in coming blogs but as an overview your group can experience large crocodiles being fed a few feet from your boat, an amazing butterfly tour that excites kids of all ages, the world-famous ZipLine (aka Canopy Tour) that sends you hundreds of feet across and above the jungle, and the amazing Manual Antonio national park where you come up close and personal on your short hike to white sand beaches with sloths, monkeys, iguanas and more.

Motorcycle riding is drew us to this county; we ride with a motorycle tour company, and have toured the country on dirt bikes; our love for the country and the people grew from there. While we don’t ride as often, we now bring our kids and enjoy more family time. While there are more families taking vacations to Costa Rica is it surprising to talk with our friends and never hear Costa Rica mentioned as a ‘family trip’ location.

Within an hour of Jaco/Playa Hermosa kids can do the world-famous Canopy Tour (aka ZipLine Tour), feed monkey’s on the sands of the Pacific, ride in a (stable!) boat to watch live crocodile feeding, view thousands of unique butterflies in the Butterfly Farm, go horsebacking and more. Costa Rica, from the jungles to the beaches ensures a lifetime of family memories.

If you have not checked out Costa Rica, check it out! Affortable, beautiful, numerous wildlife and activities. Yes, it’s and ideal destination to bring the kids…

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