Feel The Thirteenth Century As You Wander The Villages of Cotswolds

Cotswolds run from south west to north east of six counties: Gloucestershire, West Oxfordshire, and south western Warwickshire. The northern and western edges are long, steep, cliff like ridges of land and rock down to the Severn valley and the Warwickshire Avon. The city of Oxford lies in the eastern boundary, and the Stroud is on the west. Upper south east is Thames Valley. Towards the north in Cheltenham is its highest point, the Cleeve Hill.

The Cotswolds is designated as an AONB or area of national beauty. The area is characterized by small towns and Cotswolds villages. Each village is distinctively unique. Surrounded by natural lime stone, these villages exude romance and magic in the air. Cotswolds dates its history to at least five hundred years, making it a perfect destination for tourists. The scenery of houses can be compared to a movie filmed in the old ages. The cottages are charming with its golden honey hue coming from the lime stones used in building them.

An enchanted place, the Cotswolds is a dreamer’s paradise. Poets do not have enough words to describe its beauty that calms the soul and revives the spirit. A range of hills located in West Central England, it earned its moniker, the Heart of England. It’s a sight to behold and its splendor is truly magnificent.
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* Walking around the following Cotswolds villages makes one ponder of its storybook like landscape.
* Ablington – one mile northwest of Bibury on the River Coln.
* Bagendon – a small pleasant village located three miles of Cirencester
* Batsford – one and a half miles northwest of Moreton-in- Marsh
* Bisley – located four miles East of Stroud
* Bladon – two miles from Bleinheim Palace and Woodstock
* Buckland – 1.5 miles south west of Broadway off the B4632
* Broadwell – Gloucestershire 1.5 miles north east of Stow on the Wold
* Bledington –in Oxfordshire four miles south east of Stow on the Wold
* Duntisborne Leer – located in Gloucestershire, 4.5 miles north west of Cirencester
* Broad Campden – one mile south of Chipping Campden
* Eastleach Martin and Turville – in Gloucestershire, 4 miles north of Lechlade
* Great Tew – 5.5 miles east of Chipping Norton
* Lechlade – located eight miles south of Burford
* Little Barrington – located in Gloucestershire, 3 miles west of Burford
* Longborough – 2.5 miles north of Stow on the Wold
* Long Compton – 4 miles north west of Chipping Norton and 4 miles northeast of Moreton-in –Marsh
* Mickleton – 3 miles north of Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire
* Minster Lovell – 2.5 miles west of Witney
* Naunton – located 5 miles west of Stow on the Wold
* North Cerney – 4 miles north of Cirencester
* Shipton under Wychwood – located in Oxfordshire, 4 miles NE of Burford
* The upper and lower Villages of Quinton – located 6 miles from Chipping Campden and Stratford-upon- Avon
* Upper Swell – 1 mile north west of Stow in the Wold in Gloucestershire
* Willersey – 1 mile northeast of Broadway
* Wyck Rissington – 1.5 miles north east of Bourton- on- the –Water
* Windrush – 4 miles west of Burford, Gloucestershire

Seemingly to be untouched by civilization, one can’t help but think that time stood still in the Cotswolds villages

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