Food And Wine Touring In Italy- Merrymaking In A Royal Style!

Wine is certainly the best complement for food. Nothing can be relaxing and enjoyable as enjoying a dinner with a nice glass of wine. A romantic evening is never complete without a perfect glass of wine and tasty delicacies of Italy.

From young adults to senior people, the very phrase “wine and cheese party” gets them all excited. Pizzas, pastas, mozzarella sticks, and many more appetizing Italian foods can be thoroughly relished only with a glass of fine wine.

A tourist to Italy need not necessarily have sightseeing as the foremost agenda. Food and wine touring in Italy is certainly a good enough reason to take Italy vacations.
The many cities in Italy have delicious food and tasty wine that a tourist must not miss. Venice the place of artistic heritage and beautiful cityscape is renowned for its traditional food and best wine. The city Alba is famous for its home made dinning and exclusive Barolo wine from the Nebbiolo grapes. The Barolo red wine is considered to be a great drink that has been called the “king of wine.”

An authentic Italian dinner is awesome when concluded with sweet dessert wines like Moscato, Marsala, and Malvasia from Sicily, which will make your taste-buds linger with the sumptuous taste of traditional Italian wine. For chocoholics who love to indulge in a different experience, a blend of Chocó delights with Italian wine from Florence is certainly worth a try!

If you think that Tuscany is famous only for its artistic heritage, then you are sure to change your opinion after a wine and food tour to the traditional family run wineries in Tuscany.

Steve Perillo’s, Perillo Tours an expert in Italy vacations give the best touring experience for their clients. Perillo Tours plans touring to the finest wine and food tasting places in Italy. You are sure to enjoy exclusive wine and food touring vacation in Italy with Perillo Tours.

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