Kitchen Italia 2 for 1 with TAKETWO!

On 19th August 2010, taketwo dined 2 for 1 at the fantastic restaurant Kitchen Italia. The restaurant is perfectly located for a great break after a long day of shopping, or a nice lunch whilst on a day out in London. Kitchen Italia specialises in the varieties of pasta native to specific Italian regions, each paired with perfect sauce from light and zingy to rich and robust.

Eating at Kitchen Italia is all about fresh, homemade pasta dishes and delicious char gilled pizzas, cooked to order by a team of dedicated chefs in a very relaxed, laid back atmosphere. The menu is designed to take customers on a journey across Italy that showcases some of the dishes that have proved to be influential in the world of cooking such as Spaghetti with meatballs and Macaroni Cheese.

Other dishes that Kitchen Italia has to offer include Tagliolini with black truffles, Mafaldine with spicy sausage and Polenta and wild boar ragu. They have some unique bench style seating, fresh herbs along with award winning olive oils on the tables; the restaurant offers a vibrant and exciting ambience with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

The restaurant located in the Westfield Shopping Centre was the original Kitchen Italia that opened in November 2008, since then the business has expanded with their latest restaurant in Covent Garden. Wi-Fi laptops are available inside the restaurant as well, which allows customers to catch up with emails whilst enjoying a cappuccino made with roasted coffee beans. Pasta dishes are available at any time and at 4pm its Bombaloni time, these Tuscan doughnuts are packed full with nutella and make for a fifthly delicious snack.

So, if you’re in the mood for some classic Italian food then remember to use London 2 for 1 vouchers when travelling in London. Buy one main course at Kitchen Italia and get the second main course free. With taketwo you only pay for one when you taketwo with the taketwo 2 for 1 voucher and guidebook.

Kitchen Italia (Westfield Restaurant), Westfield Shopping Centre Southern Terrace, London, W12 7GB

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