Malaga’s Hot Spots

Malaga is a city in Spain. It has a growing population of 568,507 in 2010, making it 6th biggest city in Spain. Malaga is known for its amazing tourist destinations.

Tourists who visit Malaga know for a fact that the rich history of the place is a huge part of its appeal. Malaga holidays will not be complete without visiting its numerous tourist destinations. One popular historic place in Malaga is an ancient Moorish fortress called Ancient Alcazaba. This is the most historic structure in the place. The fortress was constructed in the early 8th century. It offers an awe-inspiring panoramic view of the entire city. This is a great place to see Malaga in its entirety.

Another place brimming over with history is Picasso Museum. This was the residence of Pablo Picasso, a very famous Spanish artist, which is now converted into a museum. It showcases a number of artworks including Picasso’s paintings.

For nature lovers, a wonderful must-see hotspot in Malaga is its pristine beaches. Malaga beaches attract a huge number of tourists who love various water sports. The beaches usually feature dining places and beach bars. For those not into water sports, sampling the delicious Spanish cuisine is a great alternative.

If going to high end places is your thing then heading to Puerto Banus is more to your preferences. The place is referred to as the ‘millionaires’ playground’ because most of the wealthy residents and some international celebrities prefer to party at this place. Yachts, bars and restaurants are all over Puerto Banus.

Caves of Nerja is another hotspot for nature lovers. The caves are located under Sierra Almijara Mountains. This natural wonder is actually discovered just recently, around 50 years ago though the caves are quite ancient.

For those who are fond of playing golf, the city of Malaga has some 50 golf courses spread all over the place. Bullfighting is another popular sport in the city. Spaniards are known for their bullfighting skills. This certainly is a sport not for the faint of heart. Bullfights are done in the Malaguita Bullring every weekend from April to September.

There are a number of hotels in Malaga that are situated near the popular tourist destinations. But if you love to tour around the city, getting a Malaga car hire is a great idea. There are numerous flights to Malaga on a daily basis. Most of Malaga flights come from other parts of Europe, America and Africa.

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