Rugby Sevens to add action to Dubai’s festive mood

Initiated by the British living in Dubai, the Dubai Rugby Sevens was just a pastime for these expatriates. The Exiles Club Dubai made the initial efforts, and went to the extent of purchasing land to create their own rugby ground. As the years went by, and as with each year the Dubai Rugby Sevens’ success became greater, the event started to become popular and grew to be part of Dubai’s culture.

Today, the Dubai Rugby Sevens is one of the major events in Dubai and some of the best and most popular teams from all over the world take part in the event. It is supported by some of Dubai’s big names in the corporate sector as well as by a range of multinational companies.

Currently the Dubai Rugby Sevens are held at the Sevens stadium on Al Ain Road. The 180,000 square meter venue, which accommodates 30,000 spectators, enhances the spirit and thrill of the world of rugby action. And as with any other festival in Dubai, the event also boasts splendid entertainment and live shows alluring crowds from all over the world – the best setting for one of the greatest events in the region.

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