Some Important Italian Tourist Laws that You Must Know Before You Travel Italy!

Every country has its own rules and regulations and Italy is definitely not an exception. It is advisable that you know about general laws in Italy that also pertain to tourists before traveling to Italy.


Piracy, in any form is considered to be a serious offense in Italy. This not only applies for its citizens, but also for the tourists visiting the country. Be it a fake Prada or phony Gucci, a pirated copy of mission impossible or Microsoft word, Italian street vendors are more than happy to accommodate innocent tourists to push forward their ‘look- like’ counterfeit goods. Buying such counterfeited goods id against Italian law and tourists should be aware of this when they travel around Italy. Offenders will be heavily fined that could cost them a fortune. Italian law makes buyers of counterfeit products liable for fine amount ranging between 3333 Euros to 10000 Euros.
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Customs law:

Just like other countries, tourists entering and exiting Italy are thoroughly examined. Tourists traveling to Italy are allowed to carry clothing, books, campaigning equipments, sports equipment, CD players and CD’s, tape recorder, computer, baby carriage, movie cameras, 400 cigarette sticks, and a number of pipe tobacco or cigars that doesn’t exceed 500 grams or 1.1 lb. Tourists can also export a maximum of 6.6 lbs of sugar, 2.2 lbs of cocoa and 4.4 lbs of coffee which are again duty free.

All these can be carried along it they are meant for personal use only. Italian customs law does not allow sale or trade of above mentioned items. Tourists are also allowed to bring with them one bottle of hard liquor and two wine bottles, provided they are not opened.

Tourists entering Italy after visiting other countries are allowed to carry souvenirs worth a maximum of five hundred U.S dollars. But tourists can bring home souvenirs of any value from Italy with no restrictions. However tourists are not allowed to take home any form of art and antiques without the written approval from the ministry of culture, Italy.

Canadian tourists are expected to declare all the goods that they have purchased gifts and brought from duty-free shops and U.S tourists are allowed to export goods worth four hundred dollars only.

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