Tips And Tricks For A Vacation In Rome, Italy


Rome is one of those must-see destinations in Italy, full of culture, history, amazing architecture and art. However, there are a few things to bear in mind when on vacation in Rome, before hitting the streets of this popular city.

Firstly, consider the time of year. While many people love to take their vacation during June or July, this means that, naturally, Rome attracts a huge number of tourists around that time too. This can lead to endless queues for the various attractions, made more uncomfortable by the seasonal heat. Rather, pick a different time of year to head out on vacation in Rome.

Think security. While Italy is not renowned as being a dangerous country, the cities tend to attract gypsies and pickpockets who live on the outskirts of town and head to the center to prey on innocent tourists.

You might be led astray by a cute child handing you a flower, but always bear in mind that an adult will usually appear should you immediately take the flower. They have a little trick when they demand money from you. They won’t say the amount clearly and as you open your wallet, they “help” you find the right amount and in the process rob you of a few Euros. The best idea is to completely avoid them, otherwise you might find your funds for your vacation in Rome drastically reduced.

According to Rome Info, there is also one bus link (No. 64) which is particularly bad for pickpockets and purse snatchers, and they advise you avoid that bus at all costs. Also avoid the Termini station late at night as the level of security is low at that time and it tends to attract all kinds of undesirable characters. During the day, the station is no problem at all.

Talking of getting around town, when you are strange to a city, it’s often tempting to use taxi cabs to get from place to place. Bear in mind that there is a huge number of illegal, unmarked taxi cabs in Rome. Working without a meter, they easily extort huge fares from unsuspecting tourists. Always rely on proper, registered taxi cabs with a meter, or negotiate a price prior to accepting a ride if they don’t have one.

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