Travel in Italy by sea

Considering the strong bond between Italy and the sea, why not deciding to travel along Italy by water, stopping in its main ports, from north to south, from Genoa to Naples, from Venice to Palermo, far away from busy streets? A cruise is an excellent idea to visit Italian costs and cities in a different way, alternating days at sea and breaks on land. There are many ways to explore the coast of Italy in recent years holiday destination of many celebrities but ordinary people in remote and beautiful places with the blue sea can completely disconnect from work every day and totally relax. The areas are more popular in recent years, Sicily, Sardinia, but always more environmental goals for the young and fun in general are the Adriatic coast, where the sea is wonderful, as in other places but recovers with tourist facilities, such as Oregon , Riccione and Forte dei Marmi Tuscan coast in the first place. The sea is still an essential element for Italy, just dwell on the various dishes of traditional cuisine like the Tuscan “caciucco”, a fish soup and the Sicilian cous cous with fish, that is also a typical dish of the Arabian cuisine.

An inconvenient of cruises might be that, once you land in a port, you have little time to reach the art cities nearby, risking not to totally enjoy the beauties of these cities. Often cruise companies organise group tours for their passengers using buses. However, group tours can cause some problems, from slowdowns in transfers’ time and in entering museums to a schedule of visits that, unavoidably, cannot satisfy everyone. To avoid these problems you can refer to the companies that organise shore excursions: this is a service of car with private chauffeur that takes tourists from the port to the city centre. If you land in Livorno, for example, your chauffeur can take you to Florence or Pisa; if your ship docks in Civitavecchia, in a little time you can reach Rome; the port of Naples is the ideal departure point to visit not only Naples, but also Pompeii, Sorrento and Positano.

The advantage of having a private chauffeur is that you can decide the hour of arrival of your chauffeur, and when he has to take you back to the port, without depending on the needs of other passengers, and most important you can decide the places, the museums and the monuments you want to visit, avoiding the group visits that might not focus on the sites you are most interested in and that are sometimes too quick to make you enjoy the whole of what you are visiting.

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