Visit Italy during February for the Venice Carnival

Disguised people, stunningly attractive masks, colorful celebrations, public love affairs; what more can you ask from Venice?

The carnival of Venice is one of the most important festivals in Italy and is a rich symbol of Italy traditions rooting from as early as the 14th century. It is ‘the apple of eye’ for Venetians and they celebrate it with great pomp and joy. If you are planning to visit Venice then there is no better time than now.

History of the carnival:

The carnival is believed to be an outcome of the victory celebrations of ancient Venetians over Aquileia in 1162. Some sources say that it was a customary farewell party that Venetians enjoyed before taking up the fast before Easter. There are also evidences in the history which prove the carnival to be a traditional festival celebrated in the honor of Saturn. What so ever the actual history may be, present day Venetians have great fun celebrating this remarkable festival in Italy.

The Carnival Today:

The best thing about the carnival is mask-wearing. People disguise themselves in alluring masks and colorful outlandish costumes. The entire city looks like a ‘world of aliens’ and you might be the odd one out if you are not wearing a mask. Most of the masks represent historic characters, mostly from the famous Commedia Dell Arte plays and you will feel as though they have just popped out of your favorite history books. Not only in Venice, you can feel the impact of the carnival where ever you travel in Italy.

Most of the hotels in Venice have their own mask and costume designers, with whose help you can get ready for an engaging evening. The hotels also come up with masked balls and dinner, where you can enjoy special carnival recipes.

The Venice carnival is most colorful in the evenings than the mornings with fun-filled dance events, common games and other social activities. You will be surprised to see the city filled with music bands that play their own music, puppet and magic shows. It is a time when the rich and the poor forget their social status and get an opportunity to mingle with one another.

Carnival Dates:

Traditionally the Venice carnival is celebrated for a period of eleven days in the month of February and the dates are based on the Roman Catholic Church calendar. The carnival usually ends a day before Ash Wednesday that is on Shrove Tuesday and starts a week and a half before the same. This year it is scheduled from 11th of February to 21st of February. If you are planning to take part next year then you have to be there before 20th of February as the carnival is scheduled to take place from 22nd of February to 4th of March.

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