What Can Be Seen On A Carnival Cruise San Diego

Most of the Carnival cruises with the departure from San Diego sail away to various great cities from the Mexican Riviera and these cruises are generally being done on Carnival Spirit in 7 day or 8 day cruises. The various destinations are Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas.

The Mexican Riviera is generally considered to by on of the most extraordinary diving destinations. In these areas you will be able to find some really fantastic cobalt waters, really nice people, great festival events, Mayan ruins, fantastic restaurants, all which are located pretty much in the same area. You will have the option to snorkel in a beautiful blue lagoon or simply go an awesome shore excursion. There are tropical birds, iguanas or extraordinary flora which can be observed near Cozumel, which is one of the various ports where San Diego Carnival cruises will stop.

The Carnival cruises from San Diego generally sail away along the fantastic Rivera seaboard and all the way up to the some great sights from the Mexican Riviera.

Acapulco is considered to be on of the greatest ports where Carnival cruises are usually stopping. This is because of the many awesome sights which can be seen here, such as La Quebrada diving cliff. Here features a fiery nightlife that will usually attract young summer enthusiasts from all over the world. They generally come here for the great beaches which always look like they have been simply slipped from a travel magazine. The sights here are simply amazing and the restaurants usually serve great delectable type of meals.

Another great port of call for San Diego Carnival cruise is Cabo San Lucas. This area has extraordinary beaches and a nightlife which will always keep tourists up until morning. The climate here is really warm and dry, reason for which Cabo San Lucas becomes a great place for you to lie around the beach and just stare away into the blue ocean.

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