Williamsburg Restaurant King’s Arms Tavern

A colonial treat in Williamsburg, VA, King’s Arm Tavern sets out to transport its history enthusiasts back to the Colonial Williamsburg era and the themed eatery does it ever so successfully! The locale recreates a typical 1772 tavern and home through the décor and customary dishes characteristic of the historical time period.

Originally opened for business in 1772 as TAVERN, owner Jane Vobe declared, “I have just opened TAVERN opposite to the Raleigh at the sign of the KING’s ARMS . . . and shall be much obliged to the Gentlemen who favour me with their company.” Reported in an ad in the Virginia Gazette, on February 6, 1772, Vobe sought to move her business closer to the capitol where she believed, “all of the best people resorted.”

Aside from seeking out the best clientele near the Capitol, the female entrepreneur desired to create an atmosphere where all could spend time with friends or discuss business, while dining and throwing backs some pints; this spirit still resides at the tavern till this day!

Due in great part to the past remnants from the previous tavern, King’s Arms Tavern today owes its authentic feel and ambiance to the artwork and furnishings left by the previous owner and staff. Pieces of furniture, designed to fit the 18th century look, further enhance the already historical feel created by the various fixtures. From the numerous worn fireplaces to the simple but effective brass sconces and pewter candlesticks, one thing is for sure, there is no questioning what era the tavern is set in. Even the staff is adorned with period garb while entertainers do their rounds from table to table.

Authentic Southern and colonial cuisine dominates the menu as well as the customers’ empty plates post-meal. Roasted Peanut Soup is served with Sippets, mini pieces of bread or toast to be dipped or used as either a garnish, is what one can expect as a starter at this culinary experience.

This local favorite watering hole in Williamsburg is also regarded for their Norfolk Pottage Pye, an old-time favorite loaded with creamy chicken and healthy vegetables, as well as their Colonial Game Pye laden with less common (but just as delicious) meats such as braised venison, rabbit, and duck, all flavored and cooked in a Port Wine Sauce and served with a flaky pastry crust!

Lastly sure not to disappoint is the just as flaky pastry crust featured on the Williamsburg Pecan Pie, only one of the many delectable treats feature at the Colonial pub dining eatery! Also featured is Mr. Jack’s Rice Pudding, complete with rum raisins and dressed in a warm vanilla syrup!

King’s Arms Tavern is located on Duke of Gloucester Street across from the Raleigh Tavern, and minutes from the Colonial Williamsburg Inn and countless other Williamsburg hotels in the immediate surrounding area! While planning a vacation to the area, you will also be benefiting the education programs for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation by calling 1-800-HISTORY to make a reservation at the historic restaurant.

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