Yet Another Museum in Italy

Few cars have established the reputation and history of Ferrari. Now, Ferrari is paying tribute to their legacy by opening the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, Italy. The Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari opened on March 10, 2012, a little over a month after Enzo’s February 18th birthday. While the museum itself did not open until March, the town most certainly honored his memory well before then. The creator of the famed cars that bore his name was born in Modena in 1898 and every year they honor his birth.

Entitled “The Origins of the Myth,” this first exhibit presumably covers the early days of the automakers life. The museum itself is a piece of history, being built around the preserved, original home and workshop of Enzo. The roof of the museum is a beautiful aluminum yellow “bonnet.” Ferrari fans will know that yellow is the official color of Modena and the color that Enzo chose as the background of the famous Prancing Horse Ferrari logo. The exhibition tells the story of his life as a designer and racer during his heyday in the 1900’s. During that time he was the biggest name in motorsports and won numerous races on the professional level.

His original home already hosts a multimedia display chronicling his life. Ferrari’s motto was “if you can dream it, you can do it” and his life reflected his saying. To Enzo, the automobile was more than just a car, it was a work of art that strived for perfection. He used the races as a testing ground for new designs and technologies to further his quest for the perfect driving vehicle.

Of course, no Ferrari museum will be complete without actual Ferrari’s. The cars on display are collected from the most prestigious collections and museums and will be displayed as the works of art Enzo envisioned them to be. Additionally, each vehicle has its own showcase complete with the original documents, designs and memorabilia from Enzo’s own collection. Modena, already rich with history and culture, welcomes the museum with open arms.

Just like the cars it gives home to, the museum itself is also a work of art. It was designed by the famous Future Systems of London. The 54,000 square foot facility will also host a conference room, archives, a gift store and of course, a coffee shop. There are currently no plans to open a Ferrari dealership at the museum. All in all, the museum is a fitting and beautiful tribute to the man who gave us one of the most amazing cars ever made.


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